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Everyone goes through some sort of struggle in their lives, some certainly more than others.

If you are in a bad economy, everyone is feeling it. Jobs are scarce in this world, and not too many of the ones available are a life worth living. I have worked manual labor throughout the better part of my adult life, and it pains me to know there are people working like that all around the world, and far harder than I was. Life is a lot easier when there is a job you love doing, and especially having the ability to socialize with others.

There are many types of jobs, careers, and businesses that you can build if you can afford the licensing, and see profits overcoming expenses. One of my first businesses that I ever started was a magazine library. After school, instead of going to the book store and paying money to buy a magazine that you can read once, I let classmates and kids around the neighborhood come read as many magazines as they pleased in a room in my home. I paid my sister $2 an hour, and would collect about $20 a day. Those are strong dividends people, for a 9 year old boy, I was well on my way to getting rich…

just kidding that was Robert Kiyosaki, A notable millionaire in this world.

robert kiyosaki

I recommend his book Rich Dad Poor Dad. If you really want to learn how to become financially independent, so you can enjoy how to live life to it’s fullest.

A friend of mine, we talk often in my city that I currently live in. We talk about what our future is, and how we are going to make sure we get there. He’s a business franchise owner in Northern California. He told me that he started his business,, with the sole purpose of taking his income to the next level. He knew that to make an investment pay off, you gotta put your heart into it, and he’s got reasons to do so.

He started recommending Rich Dad Poor Dad to me, and kept telling me you got to own a business, you got to put your heart into it so it can go to the next level and become self sufficient. Then, with the money you are from that business asset, you invest it into something else you truly believe in. The man with the most assets has the most time. Do you want the most work, or the most time?

Investments are what create the time. When you have investments, and residual and passive income is coming in, you no longer work for the money, you make the money work for you. Part of what separates business owners from workers is the mentality of what your mental focus is directed on. If you work day in and day out, and are getting paid, but your making someone else money, then your pushing the gap between worker, and rich person further and further. The wealthy have always owned the businesses, and the employees always work them. There are basically two kinds of people, owners, and employees. The only that that separates the two is the mentality. Even if you are working a job, and you’re using that money to create assets instead of expenses and liabilities, then you are going in the right direction.


The hardest thing for most people to find out is that they work their whole life for someone else, and that someone else was living a carefree happy lifestyle, and another had to work the entirety  of their life. Who is going to feel better when old age comes. Nobody wants to work until they die, that’s why most people try to put money away to retire. The people who make the wrong choices are the ones that you see that look way to old to be working. Start to think about which direction you want to head in, and be actively thinking about it.

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