The Struggle of Getting A Job As An Illegal Immigrant

Yes I was an illegal immigrant in U.S, but I won’t reveal the country I belong to; owing to recession in my country and three kids, a wife and old parents to look after, I made up my mind to take the bold step, given I was seeking a healthier life for myself and a brilliant future for my family.

Somebody had told me that there is a huge market in the U.S. for false credentials and if somebody is able to pay for these, he/she can have the sources to grab the opportunity and hold on to it. At the same time, I had heard that there is also a body of owners of various establishments, who do manage to employ the illegal immigrants and make them work for many hours; such folks poorly pay their illegal immigrant employees for several. Furthermore, they fall short to present suitable work conditions (which illegal immigrants can’t fiddle with).

In general, Illegal immigrants have a good deal of tough time accomplishing victory when compared to Americans (in particular the white ones.) I was well-acquainted with the fact that individuals like me do not simply make up their mind to go to the United States for a new-found sensation of panorama. I sought after making the hazardous journey despite that I knew, I would be treated as an outcast.And in truth, as one of my Latin American illegal immigrant buddies told me some companies necessitate workforce and if there’s a deficiency in the market, they may be eager to run the risk of hiring an unlawful immigrant instead of losing money for the reason that they don’t have an adequate amount of labor to get the work done, all the more so, if it’s momentary.

Despite being a holder of a Bachelors’ degree in environmental sciences, I failed to find a proper job, once I reached the US. So I had no choice but to do odd jobs such as in building businesses of all sorts, redesigning of surroundings, fact-finding explorations, hotels, butchery, and eateries.

It is distressing that Americans fail to remember their own history.

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