College Students are Less Physically Active On Campus Then Off

In a class that I attend that is based around my major in Anthropology (Yes, I want to study animals the rest of my life), there was a discussion that came up where we were deciding whether or not the average college student is more physically active on campus, then off campus. I was at a Junior College at the time, so the question is likely more appropriate to be answered on a University campus, nevertheless, it intrigued me. I decided to formulate a group of my peers to see if we could form a little test to see whether or not our hypothesis could be proven on this campus, then we could move onto other campuses and see if we could formulate a paper on the matter.

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Since I’m also very interested in helping people integrate into societies, and especially into the workplace, the way humans interact is still very interesting to me.

Our hypothesis we came up with as a group is “The Humans on campus are less active physically than those off campus.” We decided on this hypothesis because it only seemed simpler to group the Humans into pre-made groups. Plus, we wanted to see how humans interact socially and physically on campus compared to those off campus.

We felt that this hypothesis was interesting because it applied to our group as a whole. When we first met, we found out that all of us in the group are active people outside of school, and under further discussion, we realized that we are not active individuals at all once we step onto campus.

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To collect our data for our study, while on campus, we would randomly choose a group of individuals, and study them for a period of time. We decided to choose individuals from the campus cafeteria, the Cosumnes River College nMain Quad, and the Parking Structure during the afternoon towards dusk. We chose this time period because this is where humans are most active during the day and it seemed like these were areas where we could possibly get the most interaction between the humans. We collected data for our study on four separate occasions on campus.

To collect our data off-campus, we would also study the humans from about afternoon until dusk on our own time within our respective neighborhoods and directly off of campus. We tried to correlate the time of collecting data outside of school so we could respectively measure the both outside of campus and inside of campus comparatively.

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