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India is one tough place to start your life. I should know, because that is where I started my life.

The economy in India is in shambles like it is throughout much of the world. Many people are poor, while a few people are rich. While much of this has to do with health care issues, terrible living circumstances, and the caste system, there is not a lot that is around to motivate people to try to make a life for themselves.

People are talking about the difficulties are getting a job, and couldn’t be more true now than ever. Here is a little article talking about some of the reasons getting a job in the country is so difficult.

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In India, you are told what you are, and who you are at a young age. With such a feeble mind, it is hard for our brains to truly understand what is going on in the world, and when someone tells you what you are and who you are, when you do not know any better, you take what they have to say for granted. This is the problem with much of the youth. They do not feel that they can grow up to be somebody, and much of the population will eventually settle with what they have made of their life at an early age.

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Another problem with the system of India is that if you want to work, most of the opportunities available give you so little, that you question whether or not it is worth it. Companies will send headquarters to India where they can pay people pennies on the dollar to work for them and the big corporation benefit greatly from cheap labor, while it is us Indian people who, again, do all of the suffering.

Well, I am here to tell you that yes, there is a way out. Yes, you can make your life better. Yes, just because you are Indian does not mean that you have to tolerate what is going on, nor do you have to live there. The Indians who are able to make a name for themselves rarely do it in their country of birth because of the low opportunity and will succeed elsewhere.

To get out of India, one needs a specific skill set. What are you good at? Are you good with computers and technology? Are you a strong person and could help a construction company with manual labor. Whatever it may be, we are certain you can provide something to somebody, and we are here to help inspire you to do so.

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We want people to start believing in their capabilities and realize that they could have a long life to live. Do not give up to soon before you are truly able to reach your dreams. We all have them, some of us choose to chase them, some of us cower behind excuses. We do not allow excuses here. We are looking to kick some of our fellow brethren into shape and start to make some changes that could greatly affect our lives, and the lives of our people. Let’s get a voice! Let’s make some moves! Let’s be somebody!


We will be covering what kind of skill sets you might have, and how you can apply that to a new job in India, or another country. We hope you follow along and we will help push you to the top!

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