Now more than ever can Indians benefit from the power of the internet.  In India especially, not much else is so widely available for people to prosper with than the internet. The birth of internet was a monumental event that forever changed the face and dynamic of how business can be done. Now people can connect with each other even if they are in different places. A man in India can communicate with someone in Wisconsin of all places. Never has so much potential to make money in India taken place like today. Many Indians are known for their tech savvy skills. There is no surprise. Now people can make money from the comfort of their own home. All that is really needed is access to the internet and a working phone.
New Class of telemarketers
In India the school system is much different than any other country.  Starting in the ninth grade computer skills are heavily emphasized. Skills like typing, coding, seo, and telemarketing. Telemarketing has never been as lucrative as it is today. Today people in India can benefit from the power the computer has to offer; especially telemarketing. Telemarketing is the usage of phones or computers to make a sale. Direct contact sales is the best way to efficiently make sales in any economy. With India’s massive population it only makes sense that telemarketing would be the best form of sales.

Telemarketing in the US is big but in India it’s massive. Several million people are trained every year with scripts, headsets, and computer skills to make sales.  It may be hard for non Indian customers to understand our accents but no other country poses the amount of manpower we have. Telemarketing is a very simple business model that generates millions of dollars a month. Sales is a numbers game, that’s all it is. The more prospects and potential customers talked to the more chances for sales to be made. For example, if you talked to ten people this week on a certain product your chances of making a sale would be less than if you talked to thirty people.
telemarketing office
Telemarketing is not very difficult to teach to prospective employees. New employees come in every week and get trained.  Once they enter the office; scripts, headsets, and computers are given out immediately. The pay is commission. You essentially kill what you eat. It’s sales. Only the hungry hustlers survive in the game. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling cars, boats, houses, or clothes the salesman than are constantly prospecting and making offers will win every time.
Indian Telemarketing
The beauty of telemarketing is the power of cold-calling. The best cold-calling training is only accomplished through telemarketing. You will learn to not get offended or take people too seriously. Developing thick skin is a must in the telemarketing business. You will get hung up on more than people will ever give you a chance. Learning to move on from negative people or nay sayers is crucial. Other than the right scripts, thick skin, and constantly prospecting there’s not much else to telemarketing.
Everyday’s a new day in telemarketing. Yesterday was the past and today is the current battle. When you bring a different mindset and attitude to work, you will see different results. Especially for Indians struggling to support their families. You must bring a level of intensity that is unmatched.  If you’re obsessed and starving to make as many calls as possible you’re simply not ready yet.

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