The Struggle of Getting A Job As An Illegal Immigrant

Yes I was an illegal immigrant in U.S, but I won’t reveal the country I belong to; owing to recession in my country and three kids, a wife and old parents to look after, I made up my mind to take the bold step, given I was seeking a healthier life for myself and a brilliant future for my family.

Somebody had told me that there is a huge market in the U.S. for false credentials and if somebody is able to pay for these, he/she can have the sources to grab the opportunity and hold on to it. At the same time, I had heard that there is also a body of owners of various establishments, who do manage to employ the illegal immigrants and make them work for many hours; such folks poorly pay their illegal immigrant employees for several. Furthermore, they fall short to present suitable work conditions (which illegal immigrants can’t fiddle with). Continue reading