Search Engine Optimization

It is widely known that “Search Engine Optimization” is a big industry in India today. With such low overhead expenses to deal with, starting a SEO business or consulting business can be done with little to no money at all. With so many people in India competing for the same search results for a website, it can get confusing for many SEO newbies on exactly where to start.


Before people jump into the SEO game, it is critical to understand what SEO is all about. Obviously, if you haven’t noticed by now SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Everyone knows the biggest search engine in the world- google. But could you really make money from google? Absolutely! Optimization on the search engines generally comes down to making your website or another website show up at the top of the search rankings organically. I know that may be kind of a complex statement to understand, but I will break it down more in to depth.

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