Discussion and Conclusion of Theory

Discussion and Conclusion

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In conclusion, we believe we have proven our hypothesis to be correct; the humans on campus are less active physically than those off campus. Though our hypothesis could have been more concrete and specific, our observations more thorough, and our record of data more specific, we have conducted a successful experiment that could be tested continuously. In a perfectly un-awkward world, we could have studied the humans more closely in range than from afar. This would have made it easier to understand exactly what they were doing at any given movement than looking away from them when we felt like they suspected us studying them. But this is also the excitement in the study.

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We have chosen groups of humans at random to conduct our experiment, and successfully recorded data in a well thought out table which allows others to know and understand what is happening at every minute of the experiment. What might be better done in the future is to expand our research location and to fully forget what we think we already know about the humans. To conduct a more thorough observation and record more specific data, we need to forget what we believe we already know about the humans as well as expanding our area of research so that we can fully grasp the activity of the humans. Continue reading

Results to Our Hypothesis


college write upAfter gathering all of our data and assembling the results, we figured the best way to represent our findings was to construct a bar graph. We decided that to portray our data we compared each activity the humans were participating in on-campus next to the same activity that they were participating in off-campus so we can precisely identify the differences in between the two. We decided the best way to go about this was using percentages in the bar graph.



Following the assembling of our data and then constructing the graph, we were able to detect precisely the level of physical activity and recognize trends when studying our bar graph. When comparing humans outside of campus, to those on campus, we noticed how differently they act. When on the CRC campus, humans are more apt to be stationary creatures. 70% of the individuals were stationary during the analyzing period for more than half of the time. They often will stay in one location and talk to another human or a group of humans, and when they move, they will move directly to another location and become stationary again for a period of time. But, when humans are off campus, our research told us that humans were physically active at least half the time we studied them in 33.3% of instances compared to 3.3% for students at Cosumnes River College. Our graph and all of our data suggests to us that humans are 10 times as likely to participate in physical activity off campus. Now this data may be skewed slightly, but after studying random individuals, it is not hard to believe that there is some truth to it.

Sorry for the grainy quality, but alas, our findings.
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College Students are Less Physically Active On Campus Then Off

In a class that I attend that is based around my major in Anthropology (Yes, I want to study animals the rest of my life), there was a discussion that came up where we were deciding whether or not the average college student is more physically active on campus, then off campus. I was at a Junior College at the time, so the question is likely more appropriate to be answered on a University campus, nevertheless, it intrigued me. I decided to formulate a group of my peers to see if we could form a little test to see whether or not our hypothesis could be proven on this campus, then we could move onto other campuses and see if we could formulate a paper on the matter.

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Since I’m also very interested in helping people integrate into societies, and especially into the workplace, the way humans interact is still very interesting to me.

Our hypothesis we came up with as a group is “The Humans on campus are less active physically than those off campus.” We decided on this hypothesis because it only seemed simpler to group the Humans into pre-made groups. Plus, we wanted to see how humans interact socially and physically on campus compared to those off campus. Continue reading

Work Around the World

Everyone goes through some sort of struggle in their lives, some certainly more than others.

If you are in a bad economy, everyone is feeling it. Jobs are scarce in this world, and not too many of the ones available are a life worth living. I have worked manual labor throughout the better part of my adult life, and it pains me to know there are people working like that all around the world, and far harder than I was. Life is a lot easier when there is a job you love doing, and especially having the ability to socialize with others.

There are many types of jobs, careers, and businesses that you can build if you can afford the licensing, and see profits overcoming expenses. One of my first businesses that I ever started was a magazine library. After school, instead of going to the book store and paying money to buy a magazine that you can read once, I let classmates and kids around the neighborhood come read as many magazines as they pleased in a room in my home. I paid my sister $2 an hour, and would collect about $20 a day. Those are strong dividends people, for a 9 year old boy, I was well on my way to getting rich…

just kidding that was Robert Kiyosaki, A notable millionaire in this world.

robert kiyosaki

I recommend his book Rich Dad Poor Dad. If you really want to learn how to become financially independent, so you can enjoy how to live life to it’s fullest.

A friend of mine, we talk often in my city that I currently live in. We talk about what our future is, and how we are going to make sure we get there. He’s a business franchise owner in Northern California. He told me that he started his business, hbcarpetclean.com, with the sole purpose of taking his income to the next level. He knew that to make an investment pay off, you gotta put your heart into it, and he’s got reasons to do so.

He started recommending Rich Dad Poor Dad to me, and kept telling me you got to own a business, you got to put your heart into it so it can go to the next level and become self sufficient. Then, with the money you are from that business asset, you invest it into something else you truly believe in. The man with the most assets has the most time. Do you want the most work, or the most time? Continue reading

How to Beat the Real World

freedomWhen you leave your sheltered life behind you and start to become an adult that is beginning to think for yourself, it really becomes a frequent thought thinking about your role in this world. What say do you have, and do you truly feel free. For those of you that are leaving a dictatorship in the workplace and need to know what to look for in your next job, just make sure to avoid  what you can at all costs.

The rest of the time living, it’s kind of crazy to comprehend what culture is. What are the masses? Who influences the masses? Who influences the people that influence. There are no doubt so many questions we have, and why’s we ask. But it is hard to get answers for all. The only thing that you can do is to increase your intelligence, and increase your awareness of the outside forces that dictate much of the ongoing tribulations that the common man and woman and child suffer through.

“Goodwill and intelligence are still too little available. The critic, we have said, is as much concerned with the health of the mind as any doctor with the health of the body. To set up as a critic is to set up as a judge of values. …” I. A. Richards wrote this quote, part of a larger passage in his section titled “ Mass Civilization and Minority Culture.” This quote set the tone for me in this reading, and the following  paragraphs lead to explain the understanding that there is a minority of people who empower their minds.


If a task, or a concept of learning is uneasy to take on, the mass of civilization will play ignorant, and relax their efforts on something EASY to do. He discusses the machine, which are explained to be the hidden forces that rule the world that nobody really can distinguish who they are, or what exactly can be proven that they have done. And how it is influencing the dumbing down of the world. They make it hard for the mass of the population to understand how other cultures function, the arts of the ages, the beliefs of different groups of people. Instead, the machine tells us what to think, and forces the education system to instill these beliefs in the feeble brains of the impressionable youth. The mass of civilization almost has no choice but to be influenced. Most of the world’s media is controlled by a single company. These large companies collaborate together and  are “the processes of mass-production and standardization in the form represented by the Press.” (35) People believe they are being informed by those who are more well in-tune with what is happening in the news world, but in reality they are just feeding the monster.

intelligenceWelcome to the Machine everyone.