Developing a Skill Set

Depending who you are in India, and often times, what caste you are born into, you are restricted into a different type of learning environment than other people, especially if you are born into the undesirables caste. If you are finding it difficult to identifying what you are good at, it may be time to start developing skills and actually becoming good at certain things. At this point in time, do not expect anyone else in the world to help you get to where you want to be. It all rides on you, so you must either decide that you are going to get to work, or you are going to lag behind everyone else.

Depending on your education level, skills sets can widely vary. If you are looking to get in a line of work that will at least pay you enough to survive, you have basically two options. White-collar jobs, and blue-collar jobs.

White Collar jobs are more along the lines of office jobs, internet jobs, or doing work that does not involve having to really physically apply yourself. White Collar jobs usually are earned by having smarts or a certain type of skill set that can be applied to a certain field. This could simply be something like being able to speak multiple languages, or be able to do a certain level of mathematics. To get into a white collar job, identify the skills that you are good at and create a resume to submit to businesses that can help find you a position on their team. Team building activities are very common in white collar jobs, and if you are good at communication skills and working with other people, you have a great chance at moving up the ladder into financial prosperity.

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I started with a blue-collar job. After relocating from India to California, I realized my skills were very low. I knew that I was not the smartest guy in many rooms, and I decided to apply myself to a blue-collar field. I learned some of the ins and outs of concrete work, and then applied to getting a job with . The labor was hard, but the days were still fun, and the money was actually great. This was my first step in getting out of poverty and I was there to make sure it was stable. The money began to pile up, and I learned the more money that I had, the more moves that I was able to make.

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Now more than ever can Indians benefit from the power of the internet.  In India especially, not much else is so widely available for people to prosper with than the internet. The birth of internet was a monumental event that forever changed the face and dynamic of how business can be done. Now people can connect with each other even if they are in different places. A man in India can communicate with someone in Wisconsin of all places. Never has so much potential to make money in India taken place like today. Many Indians are known for their tech savvy skills. There is no surprise. Now people can make money from the comfort of their own home. All that is really needed is access to the internet and a working phone.
New Class of telemarketers
In India the school system is much different than any other country.  Starting in the ninth grade computer skills are heavily emphasized. Skills like typing, coding, seo, and telemarketing. Telemarketing has never been as lucrative as it is today. Today people in India can benefit from the power the computer has to offer; especially telemarketing. Telemarketing is the usage of phones or computers to make a sale. Direct contact sales is the best way to efficiently make sales in any economy. With India’s massive population it only makes sense that telemarketing would be the best form of sales.

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The Indian Jobs

India is one tough place to start your life. I should know, because that is where I started my life.

The economy in India is in shambles like it is throughout much of the world. Many people are poor, while a few people are rich. While much of this has to do with health care issues, terrible living circumstances, and the caste system, there is not a lot that is around to motivate people to try to make a life for themselves.

People are talking about the difficulties are getting a job, and couldn’t be more true now than ever. Here is a little article talking about some of the reasons getting a job in the country is so difficult.

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In India, you are told what you are, and who you are at a young age. With such a feeble mind, it is hard for our brains to truly understand what is going on in the world, and when someone tells you what you are and who you are, when you do not know any better, you take what they have to say for granted. This is the problem with much of the youth. They do not feel that they can grow up to be somebody, and much of the population will eventually settle with what they have made of their life at an early age. Continue reading